Manhart MHX6 Dirt² Is An off-road prepped 887hp BMW X6 You Will Love

I am sure you never thought about the BMW X6 as a competitive off-road machine. I mean, it is an SUV, it has a massively powerful engine, an all-wheel-drive system, and fine clearance. But it also has massive wheels with low profile tires, driving systems usually associated with low sports cars and a coupe-shaped roof. It is most certainly a car for city streets and highways. Not for Moab trail. Unless it is the Manhart MHX6.

manhart mhx6 bmw x6

Manhart, German tuner, had some serious off-road aspirations with the X6. They developed a fantastic car called the MHX6 Dirt² – an off-road ready BMW X6. I am not joking. It is yellow and black and cool and totally unnecessary.

I like it. I admit.

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