10 Of The Most Formidable Yamaha Dirt Bikes Ever Produced!

No self-respecting collection of Yamaha dirt bikes could be considered complete without at least a couple of these iconic off-roaders among its ranks. For years, Yamaha have been one of the most important and competitive manufacturers of off-road motorcycles on the scene, and while many other brands have a strong presence in the segment, the engineers and designers at Yamaha have developed a reputation for outstanding excellence, thanks to their revolutionary designs, engineering prowess, and of course, their impressive performance.

1. Yamaha Dirt Bikes - 1 1973 Yamaha RT3

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You could always play it safe and careful by buying a Honda, sure. You could always throw money at the problem and buy yourself an expensive but effective KTM. However, if you want the best of both worlds – an economical machine that won’t break the bank, that’s capable of overcoming any obstacle in front of it – then any model from the Yamaha dirt bikes line up will see you through. But which models are truly exceptional? Before we get into the list, let’s take a stroll through the history of Yamaha dirt bikes: when they first appeared, and why they’re so good.

The History Of Yamaha Dirt Bikes

The Yamaha company was first founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha as a company that specialized in manufacturing pianos – if you’ve ever wondered why Yamaha’s logo features three tuning forks, well, that’s the reason why! As the company grew more successful it expanded and began producing a wide variety of goods, beginning with musical instruments and moving on to electronics, home appliances, and computer systems. Today, Yamaha is a multinational conglomerate that builds everything from golf clubs to robots, but it’s the company’s motorcycles that interest us the most.

1. Yamaha Dirt Bikes - YA-125

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Yamaha didn’t jump on the motorcycle manufacturing bandwagon until the 1950s though. The then company boss Genichi Kawakami decided to re-purpose Japan’s war-time production machinery to produce a small run of 125cc motorcycles. These first Yamaha motorcycles, a two-stroke 125cc road bike model called the YA-1, were such a success that the company formed the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd in 1955. The first of many Yamaha dirt bikes didn’t arrive until 1968, but it was worth the wait.

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