Default Apps and User Accounts: 7 Features Still Missing From iOS

Apple’s recent iOS 11 update made some dramatic changes to the user interface, but there are still some significant features missing from the operating system.

Whether you primarily use an iPhone or an iPad, you’re bound to have noticed a few of these. Some of them might even be pet peeves that hold you back on a daily basis.

They are all things that Apple should add to a future update.

1. Default Apps: The Pipe Dream

If there’s one area that iOS has improved over the years, it’s sharing. You can now use the share sheet to email a photo from your email client. Even so, when you click the support email link in the email, you are taken right back to Mail app.

The same goes for clicking links. Safari is arguably a great browser, but it is not for everyone. If you have synced your Chrome data, it is silly to have to copy a link and switch apps to open it in your browser of choice.

Default app changes are probably never going to happen. The only more significant impossibility is the ability to circumvent the App Store and sideload apps (something so impossible it is not even on this list). But default apps would make the iPad more suitable to replace your computer. That same change would make your phone more convenient to use.

Jailbroken phones have been able to do this for a while. Apple could create a better interface, expanding beyond the browser and email defaults. There could be a setting for everything from a text editor to the music app, which Android users can already do.

2. Multiple Users: Sharing Is Caring

If Apple wants to pitch the iPad as a replacement for a laptop, it needs to be able to support multiple users. This is another catch-up feature, as Android already supports user accounts.

Sharing your tablet is not the worst thing in the world. Sharing an iPad means banning someone to the browser for social media and email. It also means sharing cloud storage accounts. That can make it difficult to access files back on your personal Mac or iPhone.

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