Default Apps and User Accounts: 7 Features Still Missing From iOS

On the iPhone, it might not be a full on multi-user mode. Instead, it would be nice to see a child mode that locks down all but a specific set of apps (you can already do something similar using accessibility). This would function better as a mainstream function, not a workaround.

What’s most frustrating about this on the iPad, is that it partially exists. As part of iOS 9.3, Apple rolled out multiple user support for the iPad in the classroom. There is already the framework to do so in the OS — it just needs to be enabled for the rest of us.

3. Multipane Mode for All Apps

Safari on the iPad has a helpful feature where you can open a link in a second split pane. This feature allows you to have two sessions open side by side. A handy tool for comparing pages, this was an excellent addition for iOS multitasking.

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