Default Apps and User Accounts: 7 Features Still Missing From iOS

On the other hand, Safari is one limited implimentation of “same app” multitasking. Imagine being able to split a couple of photos and compare which is the better one. Working with multiple spreadsheets and dynamically linking data would be significant for Excel or Numbers. This would allow power users for business apps to leave the laptop behind.

The drag and drop features in iOS 11 focus on files. Multipane mode should be a no-brainer to expand the way that single apps work. iOS 11 has closed a lot of the most prominent gaps in using the iPad to do work, and adding the ability to work with two documents in a single app would be a big help. Some apps have custom interfaces for single app multitasking, but the feature should be baked into default iOS multitasking.

4. Desktop Safari Mode: More Browser Power

According to benchmarks, iPad and iPhone performance is closing the gap with Macs. There isn’t much of a reason to continue getting a nerfed webpage just because you are on iOS. In most cases, you can fix this by using the Share menu to reload the page in desktop mode. (Tip: You can also hold the “Refresh” button.)

This switch, in most cases, provides a passable desktop browsing experience. However, scrolling limitations and odd behaviors prevent Desktop Mode from being desktop Safari. Typing a document in Grammarly or making a WordPress post reveals the limitations.

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