How to Clean the iPhone’s Charging Port

If your iPhone isn’t charging properly, and you’ve already tried swapping out the charging cable, you might need to clean the iPhone charging port. It’s one of the first fixes Apple’s technicians will try when you complain about your iPhone not charging.

You don’t need any special tools or training to do this—just a steady hand and a few household items. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, you might need to pay for repairs or swap out the charging port yourself if you’re feeling brave.

The Problem With Charging Ports

Since there’s no flappy cover on your iPhone’s charging port, it’s a magnet for dust and grime. Pocket fluff, dust, skin, hair, pet fur, and all manner of other unwanted gunk will build up in your iPhone’s charging socket over time.

iPhone X

Each time you plug a Lightning cable into the iPhone’s port, you’re compressing the unwanted grime. Eventually, it can build up to a level where the charging contacts are obscured. This prevents the iPhone from making a proper connection with the cable, and can cause it to stop charging altogether.

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