How to Clean the iPhone’s Charging Port

Get a tissue or a piece of paper towel to wipe down your cleaning tool as you remove gunk. Finally, get a small flashlight ready. You’ll need this to check in the port before and after cleaning so you know when you’ve done enough.

How to Clean Your iPhone’s Charging Port

First, turn your iPhone off. While cleaning, keep away from the power button so that you don’t turn it on again by accident. Safety first!

Slide to Power Off iPhone X

Check inside the charging port for signs of gunk using the flashlight. You will probably see buildup on the contacts at the very end, but also in the grooves that run along each side of the port.

Inspect Lightning Connector

Grab your toothpick, SIM key, or other thin object. Insert it into the charging port and scrape as much grime out as you can. It’s best to scrape the port, wipe down the toothpick or SIM key, then scrape again.

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